About Us

Schofield Farm is the site on which a number of Erie community events will be hosted. A number of restorations and renovations must be made to the  historical site prior to hosting events.  One of the farm buildings is a Quonset hut - this will become the home of Erie Makerspace.  We anticipate hosting our first event at Schofield Farm sometime in late 2024 or early 2025.

The Farm is part of the 75 acre Town of Erie Schofield Farm & Open Space.  A feature of the farm and open space is Erie Lake.  Click here for more information about the Erie's master plan for the farm and open space or to learn about the history of Schofield Farm.

Below are links to informative video updates for Schofield Farm restoration and renovation.

Follow us to see the renovation progress to Schofield Farm, future home of Erie Makerspace!