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Erie Makerspace

Through a community partnership with the Town of Erie, the future home of Erie Makerspace will be on the grounds of Schofield Farm located at 2203 North 111th Street in Erie, Colorado

The Erie Makerspace, a non-profit organization will reside in the Quonset hut located on the southwest corner of Schofield Farm. 

Once renovated, the Quonset hut will be an inclusive and collaborative space where community participants convene to learn, create and innovate with the goal of improving ourselves and our community through arts education.

Erie Makerspace is a volunteer-powered organization.

Planning Begins

In April of 2021, the Town of Erie was awarded a $25,000 Economic Development Administration grant to partially fund the Makerspace Feasibility Study. After a competitive RFP process, the Town selected AYRES Associates Inc. to conduct the feasibility study. The consultants conducted several stakeholder meetings, site visits and multiple discussions with internal staff.  AYRES presented their findings in Nov 2021.  

The research ultimately provided a site to locate the Erie Makerspace at Schofield Farm, an operational structure, and estimated costs. Since late 2021 the Town and the Erie Makerspace Committee have been continuing to advance the progress of this amenity. 

To learn more about Erie Makerspace, please contact theeriemakerspace@gmail.com

Schofield Farm

In 2014, the Town of Erie purchased the 75-acre property made up of the Erie Lake and the farm itself, according to town records. The Schofield Farm and Open Space is comprised of the Erie Lake open space area and trails, the Schofield homestead — including the original house, outbuildings and agricultural hayfields — and the recently acquired property along the northwest edge of the property.